Learn Ruby the Hard Way Again

More than a year ago I tweeted (with a broken link to my old Octopress) about going through Learn Ruby the Hard Way again because I never finished it. I went up to #44 and stopped because I have no ideas for games, and #45 is the make a game exercise.

I started again last fall and am up to #11. At least I’ve learned to keep the completed exercises in a GitHub repo so I don’t lose them in the depths of my computer.

This must be the fourth or fifth time I’ve gone through 1-11. In 2016 I got through #22 or so but I can’t find those files anywhere.

I’ve decided that February will be Ruby + Vim month. I need to get off Sublime vi mode (too slow once I started coding React) and get through Learn Ruby the Hard Way once and for all.

For real this year.