The Floor is Lava

A game made with Scratch. You play as a dinosaur that must jump from rock to rock in a lava field. If you take too long to jump to the next rock it’s game over.

Fashion Barbarian · GitHub API · GitHub Front-End

Tiny Clojure API that only has one endpoint. It returns up to 30 trendy fashion products from one of five randomly selected current trends. The front-end is a separate static site using Masonry. All products are pulled from the ShopStyle API.

Clojure | Pedestal | ShopStyle API | JavaScript | Masonry

earthquakr · GitHub

An experiment with Marionette, CoffeeScript, and the USGS API.

CoffeeScript | Marionette | jQuery | HTML | Skeleton

Two APIs, One Form · GitHub

Funny school group project done in an afternoon. Picks a gif and a song on Soundcloud related to the artist you type in (recommendations include Drake and Beyoncé).

Rails 4 | Giphy API

Photidian · GitHub

The average laptop/desktop owner spends five hours per day in front of a computer screen. Photidian is a visual diary of those hours- take a photo with your webcam every day and document your life in front of the computer.

Rails 4 | Backbone.js | JavaScript | jQuery | AWS S3 | PostgreSQL | HTML5 | HTML5 Canvas | Pure

Rate My Lunch · GitHub

Inspiring employees to choose the best lunch options for their personal goals. Created during the Food+Tech Connect Hack//Dining hackathon.

Rails 4 | jQuery | jQueryUI | PostgreSQL | Foundation

Trippin’ Dots · GitHub

Analyzing songs and displaying the results visually. Originally made with the Echo Nest API, updated to use the Spotify API. Built for the Monthly Music Hackathon.

Rails 4 | Backbone.js | JavaScript | jQuery | Spotify API | PostgreSQL

Open Source Contributions


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Rails 3 | Foundation | CSS